Olde World Bagel & Deli provides authentic, high quality, fresh, and healthy products in a quick-serve, yet upscale setting.  Its in-store bakery guarantees true, boiled, New York Style Bagels and pastries made from scratch.  The menu includes breakfast, hot/cold sandwiches, soups, salads, and specials.  Olde World also provides wholesale and catering services to a variety of customers.

Friday, 10/24/2014

Pumpkin Bagels are back!

HOURS -- 5:30AM - 7:00PM, Mon-Sat; 5:30AM - 4:00PM, Sunday
Many ways to save:
- Frequent Flier
- Daily specials
- Product combo deals
- Military Monday
- Teacher Tuesday
- Public Safety Wednesday 
- Medical Thursday
$5 Sandwich Special: 
FRIDAY: Santa Fe (smoked turkey & Swiss with onion, tomato, avocado spead and salsa on toasted jalapeno cheddar.)
SATURDAY:  Viva La France (hot ham, Turkey & Swiss with lettuce, tomato and honey dijon on toasted plain.)
SUNDAY: Smokey Joe (smoked turkey & Cheddar with lettuce, onion and chipootle cream cheese on toasted sourdough.)
MONDAY: Bluegrass Barbecue (hot roast beef & Cheddar with red onion and barbecue sauce on toasted plain.)
TUESDAY: Californian (turkey & Swiss with tomato, sprouts, avocado spread and spicy mustard on toasted honey wheat.)
THURSDAY: Long Island Pastrami (hot pastrami & Swiss with onion, lettuce & brown mustard on toasted pumpernickel.)
Soup of the Day: 
   MONDAY:         Garden Vegetable
   TUESDAY:        Chicken & Dumplings
WEDNESDAY:  Chicken with Wild Rice
THURSDAY:  ​    Cheesy Chicken Enchilada
FRIDAY:            Potato Bacon
SATURDAY:     Tomato Florentine
SUNDAY:          Chicken Noodle
Espresso Coffee of the Day
-- the special is a 16oz flavored latte topped with whipped cream for $2.75)
FRIDAY: Mounds (Coconut & Chocolate)
SATURDAY:  Peppermint Patty (Peppermint & Chocolate)
House Coffees:  
  Peru (light roast), Ethiopia (medium roast), Mexico (dark roast), Decaf
Who are we helping? 
  We thank active military and dependents for serving with a 20% discount.
 We are also supporting Urban Peak with donated bagels.
                            We thank contracted teachers and administrators for teaching with a 20% discount.
                            We are supporting Bright Star Dream Tutoring with donated bagels.
                           We are also supporting HomefrontCares.org with donated bagels for returning troops.
                            We thank police fire and EMT's for serving with a 20% discount.
                            We are also supporting Stratmoor Community Center with donated bagels.
                            We thank healthcare workers for serving with a 20% discount.
                            We are also supporting Urban Peak with donated bagels.
                            We support three local churches with donated bagels.